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While your girl or random hook-up is on their period, you get them in the 69 position while letting them deposit their menstration into your mouth. Also you must finger their ass hole making sure to pull out each of their well kept poop nuggets (aka dingle berries!)the girl must also do this for you (try not to fart or poop!). After the tease you can use your well collected candy treats to put into each others mouths and have an intimate make out session. The combo of the taste of period and poop can send you and your partner into complete ecstasy!!
It was me and my bitch's 6 month anniversary and she told me she couldnt fuck me because she was on her period. I then suggested the Once-A-Month Reverse Poopy Job knowing that it was the perfect treat for the night. Not only did I cum three times in five minutes but my gurl loved the taste and wanted to do it again the next night!!! (Thanks for showing me grandma!)
by skeetradspecial August 02, 2008
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