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a experimental/post hardcore supergroup hailing from New Jersey, with a combination of vocals and screams done by Joe Belgiovine (Verluna) and Eoin Tynan (The Prima Victoria, Bear on the Dancefloor). In addition guitars, bass, and drums by Joel Rodriguez (Bear on the Dancefloor), Lewis "Hawaii" Kim (The Prima Victoria, Bear on The Dancefloor), Frankie Echavez (Dirt Bags), and Tako Matsumoto (Bear on the Dancefloor). Formed in early 2009, having played shows throughout NJ and Virgina, their popularity only seems to be growing.

The first ep, selftitled; due for a summer release, and was produced and mastered by Animal Sound Recordings. Their first single Ancestors was released early may, and sounds fucking amazing
Once We Were Kids:

well who are you to blame this on us with my bitter intentions

…well we all think that we're all special, and in times like this its safe to say that we dont know...
by beyondsserenade May 04, 2010
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