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Used to describe a person when he/she is doing things in ways that are extremely out of the ordinary. This can have a negative or positive connotation, depending on context, such as describing a person who is mind-blowingly creative, or perhaps just out of control or not acting normal. In the positive light, "On some other shit" is often interchangeable with the slightly older phrase on another level. It also doubles (and originates) as a drug reference, describing a situation where a person is taking more intense drugs than usual.
Leon: "Yo, Nicki Minaj's verse on Kanye's Monster joint was on some other shit!"
Charlie: "Yeah man, she killed it!"

Leon: "Yo, dawg, what was up with you last night at that party? You was mad sloppy..."
Charlie: "Yeah, man I was on some other shit... Natalie broke up with me."

Leon: "Yo did you seeee Frankie last night?! Boy was high as a kite!"
Charlie: "Psh yeah, he must've been on some other shit or somethin..."
by AndWeDRay August 22, 2011
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An exclamation made when your friends or family are teasing you to a point where you can't handle it anymore and a hissy fit is in order.

Derived from a YouTube user's famed outburst following Britney's lackluster performance at the 2007 VMA's.
Sarah: 'OMG Susan, I can't believe you are wearing the same skirt as yesterday. Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE knows what you did with Kevin on the weekend. Plus you look a little fat, are you retaining water?'

by Billy Chickenhole September 15, 2007
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Doing, or acting crazy, Krunk, unapproiate, inapproiate, and or out of the regular aspect of things
yo bitch I was on some other shit at that Krunk ass party last night.
by fuckyocouch3369 April 28, 2008
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