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Sexting/Dirty talking on Omegle with strangers
You: ima horny female
Stranger: imma horny male. lets have omegle sex
Stranger: ;) im getting a bit hard
You: here. grab my breasts. u can suck on my nipples and lick them
Stranger: mmm ;) id lick those all night
Stranger: im hard ;)
You: my nipples are hard now =)
You: finger me
Stranger: oh yeah ;)
Stranger: i slid one finger in then slowly insert my second and but it deep in
Stranger: i stick my tongue inside and wiggle it around
Stranger: i grab your legs that are apread apart and push hard , making the bed rock
You: the bed is shaking
Stranger: i have my hands on your breast so jelp me push
You: ive got handcuffs right there. hand cuff me and do whatever u want to me
by omeglegirl1234 May 22, 2010
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