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A Omani standoff typically constitutes a standoff between a goat from Oman and a Libyan man. Over the years however it has come to describe any standoff involving man and animal.

History: circa 1800, some rogue Libyan pirates attempted to enter Oman through the Arabian Sea having circumvented the whole of Africa. Upon reaching its shores, they were met by the abundant goats that roam Oman freely. While the Omani villagers were busy tending to their crops further inland, the goats stood fiercely in the face of the pirates, and it was their determination that ultimately forced the Libyans to retreat.
Example 1:
Abudi found himself in a predicament. Having just arrived in Oman, he came across a goat. They stood facing each other refusing to give way to each other. It was a classic Omani standoff. In the end he had to yield to the goat, and find an alternate route.

Example 2:
As Harry, Ron and Hermione snuck around Hogwarts, they saw the light reflect from Filch's lamp as he walked around looking for them. So the trio entered the closest room and found themselves face to face with Fluffy, the three-headed dog. It was a Omani standoff like no other, as both sides knew the consequences of backing down.
by DoesSheEvenGoHere May 18, 2016
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