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Nigerian dude with swag, taste for the finer things in life and.... SWAG!!
can also be shortened to 'Tobi'.

Every girl literally wants him to talk to them, but he is 'shy'.
people with the name tobi are usually quite calm and collected, also they are nothing like the stereotypes associated with being from Africa, this dude probably gets more in allowances than my both my parents do in a year while still maintaining the humility of a normal college kid just going about his business. Tobis are usually show stoppers, showstoppers without effort, I mean this kid walks into the bus and his cologne alone has every girl swooning over him.

People with the name Tobi are surprisingly more attracted to white girls than black girls (furthermore proving the point on black stereotypes).

Tobis (unlike other guys) do not announce the sexual conquest they've had, because they are they're absolute gentlemen. When asked about their sexual prowess, Tobis do not mention how awesome they are in bed; but rather give the most reassuring smile very similar to that of calvin klein underwear models thereby passing the silent message of how truly awesome they are in bed.
Have I mentioned how much swag this kid has?
Oluwatobi was completely drunk and asleep on my bed the night I did this.

will randomly tell him to look it up and he will laugh because tobi really doesn't care for how random I am.
by midwest chick February 13, 2012
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