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The word "Oljace" is derived from the American term for the juices produced from an orange, it tends to be given as a middle name, but is uncommon among the masses, when given to a child at birth, it is used as a signature for greatness, a want of the child to be great by the parents.

When given to a pet, the name signifies "Demon" or "Evil", which marks a pentagram on inside of the pets heart. The mark is invisible to the human eye, but other such animals of the kind can see it and may shy away from it.

If a child is given the name Oljace, as a first or middle name, the child may begin to show signs of mental instability. This does no necessarily mean the child is unintelligent or disturbed, but simply states that the child's imagination is of extraordinary measure. A child of this may have an 'imaginary friend' or another character that he/she relates to inside their mind. A child showing these traits should NOT be coddled, but pushed to their limits, in turn expanding their imagination and creating a very intelligent and wildly imaginative individual. This child may be very introverted and depressed, but around the correct people, who have the right auras, this child will show signs of great love and affection, and show attributes of deep wisdom and understanding of the world around them.

Children with the name Oljace have a way of finding particular Aura's within people, and are attracted to simplicity draped in chaos.
The boy named Adam had a middle name of Oljace, and he was very imaginative. He had an 'alter ego' named Kyubi, and it happened to be a four-tailed fox. He found himself attracted to a female with a black pulsating Aura, and he decided to go after her.

He soon found himself caught up in lust, love, and the darkness of the nights.
by Misses Ky Seductive December 28, 2010
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