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A beautiful wonderful hearted girl. Wonderful to talk to. Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN. That girl Olivia Woodcock is awesome. Listens to great music! Gets attention from mostly douchebag guys! Super smart! Totally talented! Great hair! Nice smile! Cute feet! Knows how to party! So weird! An all around amazing person. You won't regret knowing an Olivia Woodcock! Beautiful and wonderful person who has an incredibly amazing sense of humor. Inteligent and either has or will earn all degrees in college. Also amazing at sports.
A delicate, yet beautiful flower. She grabs the heart of the crowd. A delightful part of any unsuspecting person's day. Likes preppy clothes, preferably pink, green, light blue, possibly orange, depending on the brightness. If you see an Olivia, look the other way, because you will immediately fall for her charm.
Perfectionist, Artistic, Smart, Loves animals, Athletic, Outdoorsy, Short, Sarcastic, Beautiful.
A beautiful girl who everybody wishes too be she's very outgoing & won't take shit from nobody she's a special person
person 1: "i know this girl and shes just so amazing"

person 2: "oh, whats her name?"

person 1: " Olivia Woodcock "

person 2: "I KNEW IT"
by WhyShouldITellYou? July 17, 2011
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