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Origin Eastside Scandinavian

A physically unattractive disease that festers along the exterior of one’s skin most commonly found on back, pubic region, toes and face. The discolored skin tones resemble the olives and the red sores resemble the pimento core of the olive. It can be used in slang as “olive loaf”, not to be confused with the deli meat thus the appearance of the deli meat and ones irritated diseased skin will coincide. AKA: achne.
That dude has olive loaf acne all over his back he looks like a dirty martini!
Her olive loaf acne looked so bad even when she applied concealer to it, it ended up looking like uneven flesh puss pocket sandpaper resembling an rhinoceros hide.
See: achne
by Luncheonmeat1 January 25, 2010
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