The oldest child is usually the child that gets to much responsibility. Can be seen as an automatic babysitter. the oldest child also has much firmer rules then younger siblings. parents often forget what the oldest child was made to do at a certain age for example: at the age of 8 the oldest child is made to start doing the washing up but by the time the second child gets to that age the parent isnt making him do anything yet. the oldest chld gets the least attention as they are seen to be more capable. the oldest child often longs for the only childness they had for a while before there younger sibling was born.
Loved by the parents but rarely contributs. Can be lazy but is often funny and cool and somehow gets a girlfriend.
Middle child: how do you spell headphones
Oldest child: "P E I N E S"
by Ghdjdhuehdijdbf November 21, 2020