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Located at 108 Franklin St NE in Olympia, WA; it is by far the best pizza found in Washington State. Not only does the pizza rock your socks off, the walls are covered in old poster's from the 70's and 80's including, but not limited to, star wars, madonna, magic johnson, duran duran, kiss and the pizza eating champion from a few years ago. They play wicked music and have a small arcade located in the back. The bathrooms are terrifying but the drinks are refillable, which makes up for it IMO. The cashier is usually a trendy hippie/indie with strange tattoos and outlandish clothes. The dudes making pizza are all insanely good looking indie kids with rad hair. Two slices of pepperoni and a medium soda FTW!!!!!!!!!
(Not to mention the stellar super hero mural on the side of the building.)
Tom: Man... I'm really hungry. I wish there was a funktastic eatery in or around my current location of Olympia.
Tom: You are so right.
by pizza connoisseur January 19, 2009
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