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A phrase used in video games where a painfully conspicuous trap is challenged by someone, and they still fall for it.

The victim knows the trap is there, but still walks right into it, thinking he/she can beat the trap. In the end, the victim fails miserably and is embarrassed even further by his/her actions.

The phrase originates from SSBM, but can be applied to other games as well.
(Used in SSBB)
Victim: Dude, you're just camping with Kirby so I'll go over and you'll Kirbycide me. You can't beat Metaknight. *Charges and attempts grab*

Guy: *Jumps over and swallows* Gotcha. *Kirbycides* The old okeydoke.

Guy 1: >:( Gay.
(Used in Halo 3)
Guy 1: I know your gonna try to run out andstick me if I walk too close to your shield, your not slick. *Tries to jump into shield*

Girl: *Destroys shield and sticks Guy* Heh, the old okeydoke. *Runs away*

Guy 1: >:( You cheated. *Boom*
by Prues Byrii April 19, 2009
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