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The word "Oider" is used to describe a school cleaning lady, particually in Suffolk. The origins of the word stem from the strange grunting noises that these cleaning ladies make if you try to talk to them and also the noises they make when communication with each other. The heavy Suffolk accent and dialect of these predominantly uneducated workers is largely to blame.

If an "Oider" were greeted with the line:
"It's a lovely day today isn't it?"
They would almost certainly reply:
"Oid yarr, that be a grut sunny day that be, last week were right rafty it made my tissick wholly bad. *splutter* *cough*"
Damn! I can't get to my tuck box because there's an oider polishing my desk and I don't wan't to get too close... did you hear she shagged the disabled chinese guy for 50p and a pack of rolos?
by Fergus K August 27, 2008
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by duenna9 October 12, 2009
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