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Ohna is the sexiest person alive. She is outgoing and creative. She likes the most random bands and singers. She absolutely could not live without 5 meals a day. She's very spontaneous and a go with the flow kind of girl. Ohna is a once in a lifetime kind of person. She is very nerdy. She likes things others don't. She isn't afraid of what others think. She is the funniest girl you will ever meet. She will make you laugh even if it's the stupidest thing you have ever heard. She has more guy friends than girls. She's not a drama kind of person. But she loves finding out new things about different people. Ohna is the coolest person ever. She has lots of swag. She is the
"Did you see that hot girl playing the trumpet?" -guy 1

"I think her name is ohna" -guy 2

"I think she's my future girlfriend" -guy 1
by The who must not be named September 28, 2014
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An exclamitory remark used to bring attention to a particularly exciting or profitable experience. Often used by or in the company of those who are smackeldorffed.
"You just got your ass whomped in drunken Halo, skiz-ank!! OH-NA!!!"
by Dope Fiend March 05, 2005
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