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{Oh-Man-Im-Driving} Verb: To all of the sudden realize after being involved in an intense conversation, just plain spacing out or drunk in a golf cart, that YOU ARE IN FACT DRIVING!; Going through the motions while your mind is elsewhere; Most often used as an expression;

Noun: A sudden thought or occurrence, usually out of left field or outside of the box; Just realizing something for the first time; to pull an ohmanimdriving;

The opposite of Deja-vu unless you experience it often;
"I can't wait to get home and eat this burrito...mmm I have fudgsicles in the freezer too...I wonder if it's supposed to snow again looks like it might...I'm not looking forward to going back to work...I'll probably get yelled at again for something stupid...maybe I should just quit...but what would I do...hey this is a pretty sweet curve! ...Ohmanimdriving!"

"I just totally pulled an ohmanimdriving while talking to you on the cell...where am I going anyways? I think my turn was back there..."

I couldn't figure out the next step...then ohmanimdriving there it was the whole time in front of me!(geez, you'd figure I could come up with something better than that?)
by Haz-Ben(B-Team) January 26, 2010
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