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oh·honey· no    /o-hun-e-no/


1. A mean-spirited website ran by a shrewed lonely little girl who takes pleasure in other people's misfortune.

2. A name for someone wearing/doing something outrageous worthy of a feature on Oh Honey...No.

3. Used to express distaste for another's appearance, especially when that person feels confident about their choice.


Started "kindly" express distaste to family/friends who, though confident in their choices, looked or acted a fool.


1. unfortunate, ugly, fug-hunting, mean, sausagepants, barftastic, fugly, unpleasant.
1. "Ewww, did you see that girl on Oh Honey...No last week!?"

2. "Oh man, I just saw the best Ohhoneynos at Wendy's"

3. referring to an ugly hat "WHAT is that on your head!?" "I'm having a bad hair day, doesn't look good?" "Oh"
by Oh Honey...No April 15, 2010
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