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Used in any circumstance of victory, originating in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England as the first line of the chorus of the song "Blaydon Races".

Usually this is used if you prove someone wrong and you wanna rub their face in it a bit, if you win an argument against someone or if you have just scored a goal against someone in a football match etc.
Girl: You don't understand me! You never do!!!
Guy: Well how about you actually tell me what I did wrong and then maybe we can actually get something done about it "Oh me Lads" - have some of that!

Mackenzie runs down the wing and cuts inside, he switches onto his left and rifles off a rasping drive into the top corner....."OHHHHHHHHH MEEEEEEE LADDDDDDDS!" What a beauty of a goal!
by bmac1985 July 11, 2011
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