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A term used for something awesome, badass, epic, crazy.
(Oh Brotha! can be used in many different ways, it can even be used on random.)


A black guy roller skating.

That guy is Oh Brotha!! Roller Skatin' Gansta!

Gerard Butler is Oh Brotha.

Adrien Brody wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket is Oh Brotha.

Captain Archer from Star Trek Enterprise running outside with his dog is Oh Brotha.

The Geico gecko is Oh Brotha. The other man with him is Oh Brotha.

The Charles 007 Flash Game is Oh Brotha.

Lil John is Oh Brotha.

(As you can see, "Oh Brotha" can be used in many different ways.)
by Roller Skatin' Gangsta September 16, 2010
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