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Usually said when a guy penetrates a girl through anal sex and his senses are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different interlocking pleasant stimuli. The tone and volume can increase according to the depht of anal penetration. During cockhead deep penetration the words are usually uttered only once quietly, while during deep anal exploration the sensation can cause the male to keep it uttering fast and loud until he can sort out all the goodness he feels.

This awesome sensation can actually be felt much better with the penis not being moved inside at all, and the penetrator intentionally trying to feel it, while monotonous or even slow speed pumping can negate it completely.

With tighter rectum, less lube and some spicy positions the stimuli increases, at the expense of displeasure of the recieving female.
Jane: I hope your cock will like it!
James: Sure, go ahead sit into already! I am curious.
Jane: Ohh! Ahh! So how does it feel?
James: Oh god! Oh shit!
Jane: Let me get you in a bit deeper! Fuck, it hurts!
Jane: -laughs- Thats definitely worth me a diamond ring. Don't you think?
by Miriam85 February 08, 2010
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