The phrase said when the presence of Vigilante is known. The Vigilante is the man that stands up on the 4th floor of his apartment complex and surveys the region all night. It is guessed that he does it to relax and chill, but in the meantime, he keeps the neighborhood safe. Everyone walking on the streets below know who he is, but do not know his identity. He is usually leaning forward on the balcony and looking around.
Guy 1: Yo its mah boy!

Guy 2: Yo what up
Guy 1: *looks up* Oh Shoot! Theres Vigilante
Guy 1: Oh Shoot! Yo theres vigilante

Guy 3: Yo hes still there, he was there all night the other night.

Guy 1: The Vigilante
by Theresdavigilante December 17, 2013
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