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To be a lazy women who reverts back to 1950's ways and expect to be pampered.

To congregate and bitch about meaningless shit

Playing your husband's rank card.

Being hated by every other women due to the fack that you think you're better....when're the wife.

Lenora: Do you think we can ever just order lunch at the club quickly?

Helin: Not with all the damn officerwifeism going on today.


Customer:"I need to have my bag returned,because I ripped it."

Worker: "Sorry Mam We Can't Do That"

Customer:"Do You Know Who I Am?"

Worker: "You're not gonna get my sympathy with your officerwifeism."


Jane: So, since I am taking you to show you around the area's about we go to the food court?

Kelly: As long as I don't see or hear any officerwifeism,i'm game!
by Dependant February 28, 2010
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