A game where one male player exposes a small area of skin from their genitals to the other player. Then, the other player has to guess whether what they have been shown is cock or ball. Ricky Gervais is believed to be the founder.
Guy: Wanna play offal jim jam?

Girlfriend: Sure!

Guy: <opens fly> So what do you think?

Girlfriend: Cock?

Guy: You're right! Here's your prize.
by shteyngart September 23, 2009
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Offal Jim Jam Cock or Ball? is a game created by Craig James's dad, he use to play it with him when he was young, the aim of the game is when you are in your pajamas and you were playing the game you would say
"Offal Jim Jam Cock or Ball?" then the other person has to guess if you are showing a piece of your ball or your cock.

You take it in turns and it is a best of three.

Craig James has been playing this with his dad for 20 years and is proud to live in a large village called Milnthorpe.
Craig James was playing the daily game of Offal Jim Jam Cock or Ball? with his dad, craig grabbed at his crotch and said to his dad "Offal Jim Jam Cock or Ball?" Sadly his manhood is so small his dad couldn't tell and when he grabbed his cock his dad thought it was his ball. Craig James has a micro penis.
by CraigMicroManhoodJames August 25, 2019
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