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An academic term spent away from campus, during which, those involved experience dramatic decreases in strength, increase in unhealthy weight, loss of mental toughness, and all around drop in human significance.

Known side effects include, but are not limited to: numerous travels to exotic locations, abundance of attractive women, frequent instances of all night clubbing, lack of stress and/or obligations, and a life changing experience. If these side effects persist upon return to campus, seek medical attention immediately.

Several Hot Spots Include: Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy;

Because the effects of an Off Term can never be cured, it is important to approach those experiencing the effects with compassion and understanding.
Guy 1: "Hey dude, Bobby looks like he fell off the deep end a little bit"

Guy 2: "Yeah, he just got back from an Off Term"
Boss: "Jack, your test scores are off the charts, your resume is very impressive and you present yourself wonderfully. Unfortunately, I see you took an Off Term during college, this means we won't be able to hire you.
Son: "Mom, why are all my things packed and my room empty?"
Mom: "Sorry son, we can't have you part of this family after taking that Off Term."
by Kyke Navarro Gimenez August 24, 2009
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