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The best Sci-Fi show ever made. So of course, it's been canceled. At the moment, there are probably a dozen geeks who want to disagree with me. I'm not saying you're wrong but just watch the show then come back and tell me what you think. If you get the chance write Showtime and ask for it back....they'll probaly just tell you to fuck off and go watch Queer As Folk though.
O5 was written by Manny Coto, a guy who did cool shows like Enterprise, and incredibly stupid shows like Zenon Da Sequel. He somehow managed to churn out this masterpiece on the premium cable network Showtime. O5 was about the survivors of a doomed space shuttle mission when the Earth explodes. A mysterious being ho calls himself "The Seeker" rescues them and sends them back in time 5 years. Now they must live over the last couple years of their lives like nothing happened while trying to find out what destroyed the planet on the side. Has great characters and great dialogue. Only the most intelligent, sophisticated TV viewers can follow the plot, which is steeped in mythology, science fiction, science fact, and philosophy.
by lsob May 16, 2005
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