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Ocularopoeia (also spelled ocularopœia, or occularopoeia from Greek: οφθαλμικόςποιΐα) is a word or a grouping of words that appear to be what it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as "l(o)(o)k" or "b(.)(.)bs". Occularopoeias was first introduced into popular culture in 2008 with the widespread popularization of "leetspeak", and applies almost exclusively to words of that type. The word is a synthesis of the Greek words οφθαλμικός (ocular = "of the eyes") and ποιέω (poieō, = "I make" or "I create") thus it essentially means "visual creation". Similar to onomatopoeia, meaning a word that sounds like the thing it describes.
The following phrase demonstrates Ocularopoeia:

L(o)(o)k, B(.)(.)bs!
by ALapeño September 18, 2008
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