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ahk-toh-bur-one - Pronoun:

One of the best killers (P'Ker) to walk the surface of any PVP area in RuneScape. Although often underestimated by his Combat Level, sure enough, he will own you in any given fight.
Pker: "Hey man, I'm going into the edgeville wild to pk, you try'na roll dawg?

Pker 2: "Fuck no man! I hear oct0ber1 is tearing up that turf! He'd rip my dick off yo!

Pker: "Fuck that, Ima go slap-a-bitch on his as-- (was killed by oct0ber1 with a 43-43 spec, before he could finish his sentence.)

Oct0ber1: "lulz"


by dewshbahg July 30, 2008
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