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A person that plays the musical instrument called the Ocarina, a ceramic vessel flute originating from Central America and developed in Italy, later massively popularized in Asia and then with the introduction of The Legend of Zelda, in the West. This is the most unjustifiably egotistical type of musician, and has talent mostly in the areas of video game discussion and pretentious, ineffectual debate over the internet. This type of musician loathes and despises Zelda due to the brought on implications that the ocarina is a toy from a video game and not a musical instrument, though an ocarinist will secretly play Zelda songs when nobody else is around.
"I asked an ocarinist the other day if he could make it rain by playing his ocarina, then he went ballistic on me and started shouting all these things about Central America and Italians and some guy named Sojiro. It was pretty crazy."
by Midiciel February 27, 2012
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