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The most worthless, unreliable, faulty, electrostatic digital printers known to man kind. Not worth the metal out of which they are fabricated. Manufactured in the Netherlands, it seems as though the workers who make these ridiculous trash heaps are stoned out of their minds whilst attempting to make them. They are easily recognizable by their Cannibas sativa hue.
Noob: "Hey man, we have another fun-filled day of reprography ahead of us."
Manager: "Yep well fire-up the ol' Océ."
Noob: "Hot diggity dawg, I'd love to except I ganked the blinky thing."
by C. Dub November 07, 2006
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obsessive compulsive eating
if you eat even when your not hungry because your bored or just can't help it

it come from then disorder OCD
guy 1: wow look at that guy eat he must be hungry
guy 2: nope he just has OCE
by lulu sinner September 04, 2010
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Something you say when you are talking to a puggle and it's being a wee bit naughty. It's is a combination of "oh and it's"
Oce the naughtiest. Oce the naughtiest you have ever seen.
by A-A-Ron B-Lakke December 05, 2013
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