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A portmanteau of the word "obviously" and "eventually". Its usage is similar to using "obviously" when replying to an already self-answerable question or a repeated unnecessary query supposedly meant to hasten your response. The inclusion of "eventually" (in this sense meaning that the answer to this question will eventually become apparent if one tries actually to use their noggin before asking) subtly adds a keen edge of sarcasm.

May be accompanied by eye rollage and other such physical indicators to heighten its effectiveness.
Case 1:

Nurse: Doctor, this patient is undergoing cardiac arrest.
Doctor: I can see that, he is right in front of me.
Nurse: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is ineffective, should we attempt defibrillation?
Doctor: Obviventually.

Case 2:

Patient: I am here because I need to see a doctor right away!
Nurse: Obviventually.
by Darekk Dalloway March 24, 2011
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