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To make known, notify of something or draw attention to something in a very clear, straightforward, self evident, and obvious way, with little (if any) subtly in doing so.
Josh - "Woawh! Did you see the way that amazingly cute barista was eyeing you in there?"
Me - "Yeah, I thought she was giving me some energy"
Josh - "Thought? Did you se her licking her lips as she was sensually pelvic thrusting in your direction?
Me - "Well actually now that you mention it.."
Josh- "Are you kidding?? She was totally obvertising she wanted to snugglefuck your world like there was nah tomorrow!!"



"We Really Shouldn't be telling you this, but right now if you sign up today! You can save 15 flippin % or more on your car insurance by switching to allstate"
by Randythegeologist February 18, 2014
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