Big cackle, high-pitched laugh that is about three times louder than anyone else’s laugh. The moron comes across as trying to convey their “superior intelligence” as in “I’m such a funny person, look at me. I “get” the joke more than you and am superior. Who cares if I deafen you with my obnoxious behavior, it’s how I get the spotlight and show how superior I am.”
Watching a Seinfeld episode and Kramer does something mildly funny. Everyone laughs, but obnoxious loud laugher sends peals of high-pitched sounds as loud as they can make... hiahhhhhhhh hishhhhhhhhh so no one can hear anything else but their forced hyena noises. Everyone around is thinking “what a twat” and doesn’t invite the person over anymore because of their obnoxious laugh syndrome.
by Word Nerd February 11, 2018
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