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Big cackle, high-pitched laugh that is about three times louder than anyone else’s laugh. The moron comes across as trying to convey their “superior intelligence” as in “I’m such a funny person, look at me. I “get” the joke more than you and am superior. Who cares if I deafen you with my obnoxious behavior, it’s how I get the spotlight and show how superior I am.”
Watching a Seinfeld episode and Kramer does something mildly funny. Everyone laughs, but obnoxious loud laugher sends peals of high-pitched sounds as loud as they can make... hiahhhhhhhh hishhhhhhhhh so no one can hear anything else but their forced hyena noises. Everyone around is thinking “what a twat” and doesn’t invite the person over anymore because of their obnoxious laugh syndrome.
by Word Nerd February 11, 2018
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To be screwed out of an opportunity that's rightly yours.
They were going to be part of the movie shoot but got tschmintzed at the last minute because of budget constraints.
by Word Nerd May 08, 2007
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