Fucking a retard instead of someone else is an objectively wrong thing to do. It touches little girls, can't do anything for itself, hits women, cries like a bitch, is filthy and retarded, and got molested. Pitiful. Everything about it's existence is pitiful and you went and fucked it. And the claimed that it wasn't out of pity that you brought the employees of a business to a workplace, scheduled them for a shift, and let them fuck the retard. This is a lie. You felt bad for the molested, sexually confused retard cry baby so you brought employees from the business you work at to come fuck it. You scheduled them for a literal retard dick appointment and thought no one would be able to do anything about or would be willing to do something about it. Wrong! Wrong, idiot! There are a lot of thing I can do. Some of them horrific. And would I want to do any of these things? Why would I not? If a group of men did what you were doing there wouldn't be an excuse good enough to justify it. You feel entitled to getting away with something objectively wrong because you have a vagina between your legs. No.
by Hym Iam December 3, 2020
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