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Obanth is the kind of word you just don't know how to define. Obanth is onomatopoeic. Some say this ancient word contains the meaning of life, or simply the blueprints to an even larger construction: a galaxy. It is said that Obanth contains traces of peanut butter, and caution must be used when used as an inhalant or an adjective.
Joe: What did you say your name was?
Obanth: Obanth.

Bobby: Want to go down to the ubermarket later?
Obanth: Naw, too busy watching scat porn.

Obanth: Create galaxy.
Universe: Command accepted.

Johnson: Have you an obanth for sale?
Gregory: What?

Tracy: Today seems a bit obanth.
Enlightened Obanthians: Use caution!
by Obanth January 02, 2012
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