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This tyrannical creature exists in the USA. Its eating habits are hard-working Americans. The Obamasaurus hunts by hiding behind skinny, non-fruit bearing trees, called Polosis. Most of its prey laugh and state, "I see you there." However, the Rex has another trick up its sleeve. It offers them beer and lures them to his lair. At this point the Obamasaurus states; "Yeah, I am black...kind of, but how do you like me now?" This puts the prey in a state of confusion as they wander to their homes and find out that the Mexican Toothed Tiger has destroyed their habitat. Now the prey lies weak under the definitely fruity tree, the Cocobiden. This tree drops large seeds called Hilaryclintonhasnuts. After knocking the prey out, these Hilaryclintonhasnuts try to grow. They can't. They need to be fertilized by the BillClintonbangsfatties. It is said that if fertilization would occur an extremely ugly creature called the Chelsealookslikeahamster would kill them. Unfortunately the poor, homeless prey die.

Scientists have found little evidence of the origins of Obamasaurus.Scientists have theorized the traces back to the Middle East, Hawaii, and possibly Uranus. To survive the Rex, one must state, "I never saw you flying on the Terradactile around the statue of liberty for a photo op," while hiding the American Flag until further notice. The prophecy is that in 2012 three large meteors, "Life," "Liberty," and the "Pursuit of Happiness," will hit the earth destroying the Obamasaurus.
I pledge allegiance to the flag....oh my god! Run! It is the Obamasaurus Rex!
by Lost Almost October 30, 2010
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