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He is currently the "Director of Infrastructure" at CrixRP Networks. He does everything Confiqqq cannot and will not because Confiqqq is a retarded Ching Asain Cuck.

He runs the developers and keeps the servers up.
He also made the website and manages it.
ObamaTheLlama is also a people person and does not hide his personal life.
Wow, Did you see ObamaTheLlama? He had to fix all the servers because Confiqqq is too retarded too.
ObamaTheLlama did a great job on the website.
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by ObamaTheLlama January 17, 2018
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obama was the llama was ridin a a mini-llama w/ his mama in the shama!!!! (thats not even a word folks!!!)
the presidential candidate is such an OBAMA THE LLAMA!!!
by Z&E October 16, 2008
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