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(n) a white female with a black baby and no father to be seen

Usually, an overweight, unattractive, uneducated, desperate for a boyfriend, from a single-parent household, white female with daddy-issues.

These females are ripe for the picking by smooth talking players who give them the attention that they crave--until this feral player learns that the girl is pregnant, at which time he move on to the next girl
I went down to the welfare office to see if I qualified for food stamps and you cannot believe all of the Obama mommas that were down there! It was one Obama mamma after another.

Everywhere that you looked, it was nothing but fat white chicks with little black babies. It was crazy!
by mike49304 October 27, 2012
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1-Young,nubile women who worked anywhere near Mubarak Hussein Obama during his Illinois senatorial campaign,those who worked with him while he took up space as a supposed "contributing" Senator from Illinois and those who worked on his presidential campaign.Who all have developed that "bloated feeling"

2-Some young "boys" of indeterminate sex who were in the same circumstances as the aforementioned young ladies.

3-people of any age who are easily fooled.

4-Various farm animals,implements and small tractors.

5-Anybody that was fooled by promises of positive change in our government.

6-way too many college students.
"I had morning sickness today and I am feeling like I am going to give birth to Satan,do you think I might be one of those obamamamma's?"

"wannaneeda Joesephene,y'all feelin poorly?,y'all might be one a dem obamamamma's and about to birth the ruination of this country!"
by Wild Bill from Alaska February 12, 2009
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