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Someone who makes $250,000 per year.

The term is used to identify upper-middle-class Americans who make just enough money to be considered "rich" by the middle class, but who are nowhere close to being "rich" when compared to truly rich people like successful entertainers, sports figures, or corporate CEOs.

When asked how much money a family needs to make to be considered "rich" in the USA, Barack Obama replied $250,000.

Obama Wealthy families are often unhappy about being considered "rich", since they do not enjoy the lifestyles of truly rich Americans like Oprah, Bill Gates, or Paris Hilton.
She: We really should look at buying a house here in the city. I'm sick of renting. I saw a cute place in Noe Valley the other day.

He: Are you kidding? Buy a house in San Francisco? How can we afford that? We're not rich! Hell, we're not even Obama Wealthy!
by Janimal October 05, 2008
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