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Obama America, in the tradition of a true shyster Obama will try to tell all the right lies, and kiss all the right asses in order to con his way to the presidency. And if elected will do little or nothing positive that will have any impact on your daily life, unless you count government mismanagement taken to new levels. (but this is not new either) each new president must screw things up more than the previous one did! (its the secret code of office)

The Obama America speeches are designed to trick people into thinking that somehow he will be different, However dont be fooled, its still the same shit dressed up in a 2008 spin.

If elected all you will notice is the white house will serve a lot more watermelon and fried chicken, and Hip Hop will be played for all the nigga's that Obama will be sure to appoint to his cabinet.
Joe: What is all this shit "Obama America" crap on TV?

Max: Just ignore it, ... its just some stupid ass people thinking that an "Obama America" will be any different.

Joe: Yeah ... like the Camel Jockey Arabs are going to listen to a nigger!
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 14, 2008
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