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The craze over President Barack Obama as he visited five European countries in early April of 2009. He also visited Iraq, but was greeted there by a car bomb.
Similar to Obamania except that it is felt by non-Americans, hence the 'á'
Matt: Wow! Those Europeans sure are going crazy for Obama.
Jake: Yeah, it looks like they've got a case of Obamania.
Matt: More like, "Obamánia"
by Jp1991 April 12, 2009
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The irrational exuberance of the voluntarily duped masses by a master of manipulation.
I can't even believe how badly I was duped. I should have been seriously skeptical of something sounding too good to be true. I should have done my research. But the whole nation had Obamania!
by Revelation One October 28, 2008
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the result of one or more Obamaniac s at any fast food chicken restaurant, ie. popeye's, kfc, etc... it has many forms. it can be a sound..."shii bloood!" it can be an act..."gii me yo mufukkin wallet, honkey!" it can also be a state of mind...
LAWYER:"my client would like to plea guilty to the charge of theft of chicken and hubcaps. he would like to plea guilty due to mental incapacitation due to Obamania.
DEFENDANT:"shii blood!"
WIFE: honey, what happened to the car?HUSBAND: it was pure Obamania down at kfc.
WIFE: oh my god are you okay?
HUSBAND: yes, they only took the hubcaps and our dinner, which was a 6 pc. with biscuits. i should have known when i saw the Obamaniacs on the corner.
by jo mama nu April 17, 2009
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Blind faith in Senator and presidental candidate Barack Obama and the unstopable belief that he and his government by taking control of the private sector and civil rights and money and companies will automatically make America a better place.
Obamaniacs often think America is a terrible place with tons of problems and the rest of the world is better, and has not heard Barack Obama speak without a teleprompter, and that America is losing the War in Iraq even though in May 2008 there were the lowest numbers of violence.
Obamania spreads like herpes and Myspace. The only known cure is to elect Barack Obama a see that all he is is a Socialist George Bush. Obamaniacs won't deal with critisism of Barack Obama, calling critics racists who want to stand in the way of change.
(over phone possilbly texting because people have grown to hate personal contact)
Steve: Hi, Gina?
Gina: Yeah, Steve?
Steve: I just got back from the doctor, I...I have Obamania, You might want to get your self checked out.
Gina: Oh, god I have felt like America is a terrible place recently.
Steve: Gina?
Gina: and I read the directions on a pop-tart box and thought they were beautiful words!
Steve: Gina?
Gina: And I start to collect spare change and I can't stop
Steve: Gina?!?
Gina: Oh, God this is terrible! GET OUT OF MY HEAD BARACK OBAMA (gunshot)
Steve: Gina? you still there? Well you might want to get you dog checked to. I'll talk to you later, I have to go buy a light bulb to stop Global Warming
by Benjamin Shannon June 10, 2008
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The surge of blind hysteria sweeping the nation for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Think of it like Jello or 7-Up, they sound pleasant and make you feel real nice inside, but in reality have very little substance or value.
I'm going to finish my Jello and 7-Up snack before catching Obamania at a rally with other like-minded and near-sided youths.
by Dave San March 03, 2008
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