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prop. n. a huge neighborhood in Pittsburgh, located in the city's East End, just east of Downtown and the Hill District. Oakland is Pittsburgh's most historic area, and is dominated by the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and several UPMC hospitals. It is also where the Carnegie Library, Phipps Conservatory, Schenely Park, and Central Catholic may be found. Oakland is incredibly diverse, ranging from the student ghetto of South Oakland to the million-dollar estates at Schenely Farms in Central Oakland.

During the school year, there are inexhaustible options of what to do in Oakland, including parties, bars, and the O. When school is out, the streets are dead.
"I live in Oakland." "Wow, just move to SF." "Not the Californian city! Geez, I live in the real Oakland -- Oakland, Pittsburgh!"
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
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