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Oakland School for the Arts (a.k.a. OSA) is an art high school located in Oakland, California. Once a cluster of portables and a gigantic tent in a parking lot (no, I am not kidding), the school moved into the newly-renovated Fox Theater in January 2008. It has gone through many changes, most notably the fluctuating dress code and student/teacher turnover rate.

Students there are required to participate in one of the school's arts emphasis. These include vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, dance, literary arts, and arts management.
Dude #1: Why the hell are you wearing a collared shirt and corduroys?

Dude #2: I go to Oakland School for the Arts. They changed the dress code again.
by cakemonster August 16, 2009
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A high school founded by Jerry Brown who doesn't really care about it. It consists of a big white flappy tent and unorganized portable classrooms. Its students will finally get a real building in 2008 on Telegraph Avenue. It focuses on arts, mainly literary, dance, visual, theatre, theatre design, and vocal music.
"Why are you wearing khakis and a polo?"
"Man, cuz I go to the Oakland School for the Arts."
by OSA Freshwoman October 15, 2007
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A school in oakland,california that is also known as OSA....It focuses on your talent....which is between vocal music,visual arts,acting,dance,instramental music,and literary arts
Yet, the dress code won't let it's students express themselves through thier clothes so at the moment we only get to wear polos and slacks......
Person1:"Why aren' t you wearnig jeans?"

Osa student:"Cause i go to the parkinglot-sidewalk-middle of san pablo street school..."

Person1:"Oh,you mean Oakland school for the arts???"

Osa student:"Yeah..."
by neseychild January 15, 2008
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