A rich, top notch, white majority school in Menlo Park, CA. What most people don't know is that there is a huge problem with fighting there. During my brief stay, I witnessed heads being smashed open with bricks, glasses smashed in fistfights, kids bending eachother's arms backwards around tree trunks. Horrible stuff, and the teachers do nothing to stop it.
A typical day at Oak Knoll Elementary School

Smart Student: Oh hi, I'm new here!

Preppy Kid: Lemme show you around. *beats other student's head in with a brick* Fucking nerd...

Juvenile Delinquent: You suck dick! *twists preppy kid's arm around a tree trunk backwards, breaking it in several places*

Mob of Third Graders: Kill! *all grab large rocks and throw them at people, starting a playground fight*

Teacher 1: What's going on?
Teacher 2: *munches sunflower seeds* Oh, just ten year olds commiting acts of deplorable violence. Want some seeds?
Teacher 1: Do I! *munches seeds and watches as the kids beat the shit out of each other* I hate kids.
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