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OTYD stands for One 'Till You're Done. It is a drinking game originating in the West Island area of Montreal. The way OTYD works is by creating a circle of people who are prepared to consume large quantities of alcohol. For an OTYD, the alcohol is preferably strong. A favorite of the founders was Jack Daniels Whiskey. It can be any kind of alcohol, however, such as vodka or ouzo. Wine is acceptable but frowned upon by some of the more intense players. The way the game is played is that the bottle is passed around the circle from one player to another. When one player receives the bottle, they take a swig and pass it on. The bottle goes around and around the circle until it is finished. When a bottle is empty, there is only one thing to do, which is open another. This is where the name of the game comes into play. The person to win the game is the person who can take the most swigs from the bottle. So players keep on taking "one" from the bottle, as it gets passed around, until they are so wasted or passed out, they cannot take another. This game is by no means for the rookie partier. It is for veteran partiers with experienced livers. The game can become even more intense when you add a plastic baseball or BAM BAM bat into the mix. The game then becomes BOTYD standing for Bat OTYD. It is exactly the same as the original game except the swig of alcohol is followed by a whack to the chest delivered by the player who drank before you. Getting hit in the chest, even with a plastic bat, makes the alcohol taste like water. Don't be afraid to get creative with OTYD. It is a foundation that can be built upon to make the craziest parties crazier.
"Hey Bob, I have this bottle of Jack Daniels that I just bought. Let's get the lacrosse team together and have an OTYD. I'm feeling a little crazy tonight, it might just get unreasonable and turn into BOTYD."
by sodnor July 26, 2009
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