OSZ, also known as the wizard of OSZ is sometimes misspelled as OZ. An OSZ is a quiet and introverted person who keeps to himself/herself at all times. An OSZ will only react to you if you call him/her by the nickname of OSZ or otherwise prepared to be ignored. Make sure to befriend an OSZ because OSZes are known to be loyal friends and are always necessary to make a social clique whole.
Don't be such an OSZ.
by MyNameIsNotJH April 09, 2015
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it's similar to orz, but you use it when you're more sorry than you would be when your life is over, as with orz.
person 1: my life's so horrible i can't seem to wake up.

person 2: not as bad as mine though...

person 1: but osz
by urbandictguy101 December 09, 2018
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