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The Chrysler 300C that President Obama drove when he
was Senator of Illinois. The 300c caused Obama alot of
controversy because while visiting Detroit,Obama stressed that American car manufacturers need to build fuel efficent
cars, to keep up with the import auto makers. The media
crucifed him in the press for driving a gas pig V-8 Hemi! Obama traded it for a Ford hybrid Escape. The 300c ended up on Ebay for a 10 day auction on January 10th 2009, 5 days before the inauguration the 300c was going for $1,500,000 before pranksters bidded $999,999,999 which forced Ebay to end the auction! With the media covering the auction, it was the most watched Ebay auction in history! The 300c never sold and is still for sale!
Did you see Obamas 300c was going for over $1,500,000?
"The sale of this car could have bailed out Chrysler" quote
of comedian Jay Leno
by OWNER OF O'BAMAS 300C November 19, 2011
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