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stands for:-over use of the word epic. a deadly disease in wich the infected cant stop repeating the word "epic". this disease is HIGHLY! contagious and experts advice evrey one to stay away from any one with this disease. it is most commonly caught by nerds, runescape players, and pepole who think they are cool. it is thought to of started in nerd land due to lack of normal human beings and the spred of pepole trying to be funny. other meanings:- EPIC FAIL!
nerd trying to be cool: the way i killed that noob was soo epic

nerd trying to be cool 2: i know like runescape is so epic

nerd trying to be cool: omg! that cat jumping of the wall is epic!

cool normal person: Dood! i think those nerds have O.U.T.T.W.E or sumin!
by danlanduck August 16, 2010
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