A Portuguese 14th century ritual used to apologies to a deceased person whom died from the participant themselve's own doings.
Unknown of origin, this ritual involves collecting 1 drop of blood each from 5 "pure souls" and spreading them on the participant's most valued physical object; and then writing "O Jogo Culpado"; which means "The blame game", 3 times on it.
Then you are able to write your apologie on the deceased person's most valued physical object.

All of this must be done under a full moon.
If you are forgiven, the guardian angel of the deceased person will visit you in a dream and give you either a blue or purple rose to signify you being forgiving.

If your apology is rejected, the angel will kill you in your sleep.
A doctor killed a man by giving him the incorrect drug. He has decided to try O Jogo Culpado to redeem himself.
by Mark Thornton March 3, 2018
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