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somebody who is usaually tall and usually not the one to jump out onto a date, the people with this name think about things to long.

they like to make jokes but can still be mature sometimes,these types of boys dont come around alot soo when you find one make them your friend.
they are hot but frigit and dont want to jump your bones the first night.So dont try and jump theirs be carefull in a relationship things might turn for the worst. these people are kind funny and caring and if the take shit they will give it back.
hot girl- "are you nyoah"

nyoah- " umm yerr.... ur point "

hot girl- " ive heard soo much stuff about you do u want to go to out "

nyoah- " errrr ill have to think umm im sorry nooo"

hot girl- " OUCH "
by nyoah lover June 30, 2010
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