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Nynosaur (ny-noh-sore) - A cute way for a person to say dinosaur. Often recognized as baby/todler talk. For some people, it's a nickname for someone who is older than them - can also be used as a sort of pet name too. The shorter version of Nynosaur would be Nyno.
"Ooo look at that nynosaur! I WANT IT!!!"


"Frank really likes Nynosaurs... ^^ refer to Frank Iero hugging dinosaur pic
Nynosaurs are very ooooooold. XD "

"You better be a nynosaur that squeaks. -.-;; "
"like a squeaky toy, or one of those creepy old nynosaur toys from the past that made weird noises that was kinda squeaky?"
" -.-;; kinda like kon from bleach that squeaks every time it gets squeezed or steps foot on the ground. ^^ "
"I can do that"
by Faceless Intent April 26, 2010
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